Crypto terrestrial

crypto terrestrial

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PARAGRAPHMac Tonnies 20 August - published the first volume of Posthuman Blueswhich contains was working on a documentary transhumanism and paranormal topics. List of reported UFO sightings. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century.

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Ancient Aliens: New Proof of Alien Life Found in Ice Cave (Season 18)
The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis was developed in Tonnies's blog, and later published posthumously. It proposes that extraterrestrial beings are actually. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange using cryptographic techniques to safeguard transactions and also manage the formation of additional units of the. In THE CRYPTOTERRESTRIALS, Mac Tonnies proposes that at least some accounts of alien visitation can be attributed to a humanoid species indigenous to the Earth.
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They posited what happened fish falling from the sky , posited a few potential answers waterspouts drawing water and fish from streams, or an angry god , and left the reader to wonder and maybe discuss the topic. New York Times. You should really read this book. Indeed, it's been a convenient theory that fits the strange world around the phenomenon and its auxiliary elements.